E2C Cleaning fluid for solvent based paints


Unpleasant smells? THESE TIMES ARE NOW OVER!

The new B-TEC E2C – Easy 2 Clean paint and coating cleaner is the alternative to highly volatile, flammable solvents in the paint spray gun washer.

Mixed ready-to-use in 20 litres in combination with the automatic B-TEC washers, E2C cleans solvent-based (2K) paints such as fillers and clearcoats from the spray gun within a very short time.

Easy 2 Clean is not only convincing due to its outstanding cleaning performance, but compared to conventional solvents, it does not require a classification according to the CLP regulation, as it is non-flammable*. This considerably reduces the potential hazards in the workplace and protects the user.

With its low VOC content of less than 15 % and its pleasant smell, extraction is not absolutely necessary – this saves compressed air and makes the location of the washer extremely flexible. E2C is also excellently suited for manual cleaning.

With the B-TEC E2C modification kit, existing B-TEC washers can also be easily modified for use with E2C.


  • Cleaning fluid for fillers and solvent-based paint

  • Classification-free in accordance with the CLP Regulation and based on renewable resources.

  • No offensive solvent smell in the paint mixing room.

  • Highly VOC reduced (VOC content: <15 %)

  • Excellent cleaning performance with automatic and manual cleaning

  • Significantly longer service life compared to conventional solvents

  • *not self-igniting (flash point > 70°C / boiling point >= 170°C)

  • Reduction of potential hazards in the workplace


E2C is not only an outstanding cleaning fluid, but also completes the B-TEC cleaning concept for cleaning solvent and water-based paints.

When using both types of paint, the two cleaning agents B-TEC E2C for solvents and B-TEC H2O-RK for water-based paints can be combined in the B-TEC d-800 and SUMO washer combinations. By separating solvent- and water-based paints, there is not only no compromise in cleaning performance, but also a more cost-effective overall concept for cleaning the paint spray guns.

On the water-based paint side of the B-TEC washers, the B-TEC H2O-RK can be used to automatically and manually clean even dried water-based paints effortlessly within a very short time. At the same time, automatic and manual cleaning of the filler or clearcoat gun on the solvent side is possible with B-TEC E2C.

In contrast to combined cleaning fluids for solvent and water based paints, B-TEC cleans with cleaning fluids that are precisely designed for the respective application and always lead to perfect cleaning results – without the need for complex filtration or sedimentation.

Highest safety when using VOC-REDUCED CLEANING AGENTS

Due to their low VOC value, VOC-reduced cleaning solutions have an oily consistency, which means that the cleaners do not dry easily in the air.

Therefore, the air channels of the spray gun must be particularly well protected during the automatic and manual cleaning process – it is essential to prevent cleaning agents from entering the air channels.

In addition to the well-proven B-TEC air flow system, the E2C cleaning concept therefore relies on a special stainless steel compressed air coupling with a highly resistant gasket, not only to seal the air channels of the paint spray gun 100 % during automatic cleaning, but also to prevent VOC-reduced cleaner from entering the air channels during manual cleaning and drying.

The future of solvent cleaning starts with B-TEC and E2C – Easy 2 Clean.

Solvent side perfect for B-TEC E2C cleaning fluid

B-TEC air flow system with special stainless steel coupling

Water-based paint side perfect for B-TEC H2O-RK water-based paint cleaner

Special stainless steel coupling for manual cleaning

Usage instructions IN 6 EASY STEPS

During the entire automatic cleaning process, the spray gun must not be disconnected from the compressed air coupling and must only be opened when correctly seated on the spray gun nozzle.

Manual cleaning may only be done with the compressed air coupling of the air blow gun connected, as this is the only source where compressed air flows continuously.

Before the next painting cycle, the paint channel and the inside of the air cap must always be free of cleaning fluid.

Failure to follow the application instructions may result in paint wetting problems!

1. Place the spray gun with the paint channel on the spray gun nozzle.
2. Connect the compressed air coupling to the air connection of the spray gun.
3. Open the spray gun with the trigger clamp. Close washroom door and set timer to 2-3 minutes.
4. Remove the trigger clamp from the spray gun and blow off the cleaning fluid from the spray gun. Meanwhile, leave the compressed air coupling connected and do not pull the trigger of the spray gun.
5. Connect the spray gun to the outside compressed air coupling of the blow gun and blow the spray gun out in the washer. Wipe the spray gun dry with a microfibre cloth.
6. Check the air cap of the spray gun from the inside for fluid residues and contamination.

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