Spray Paint Gun Cleaners

Starter-01 Spray Gun Cleaning Machines

The Starter-01 paint gun cleaner is a basic entry level product, designed to give you effective and economic cleaning. The simple wall mounted design of the Starter-01 enables easy use but at the same time only takes limited space.

This unit is manufactured in high grade stainless steel with a size of only 640 by 510 by 370 (excluding optional base cabinet).

Quicker Cleaning Times

The Starter-01 gun cleaning model is fitted as standard with the B-TEC closed air flush system, providing a rapid and effective process for cleaning your paint gun without the need to strip the gun to clean behind the air cap.

Your gun will be cleaned quickly and automatically, both inside and out, helping to improve productivity around the shop.

Quality Cleaning = Quality Spraying

The Starter-01 is fitted as standard with B-TEC’s air tight closed air flush system, which will prevent dirt, cleaning fluid and solvent residue from building up behind the air cap. This cleaning system will also make sure that your gun performs at peak efficiency, giving you better spraying and reducing the time needed for polishing after drying, and helping to improve productivity.

Extended Working Life

This unit provides one of the most effective cleaning processes available on the market today, ensuring your guns are cleaned effectively and helping to extend their working life. The Starter-01 model will help to bring down repair and replacement costs in the long run, which helps free up money around the shop.

Starter-01 Paint Gun Cleaner
Starter-01 Paint Gun Cleaner (interior)

Other Features:

Purchase our Starter-01 paint gun cleaner and you’ll also get:

  • Integrated Exhaust System - the Starter-01 paint gun cleaner can be easily connected the exhaust system of your body shop, via the flexible duct that is supplied as standard – extraction rates easily adjusted.
  • Optional Base Unit - a stainless steel base unit is available for the Starter-01 as an option. This provides a storage facility for solvent and avoids the need to wall-mount the unit.
  • Reduction in Consumables – effective cleaning control ensures that your solvent or cleaning fluid is used effectively, leading to immediate and significant savings on cost of solvent or cleaning fluids over time.
Brinklake Starter 01/02 Paint Gun Cleaner with Base PDF

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