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SUMO Paint Gun Cleaner

The S.U.M.O is a new generation of universal paint gun cleaner suitable for solvent or water-based paint.

With two separate cleaning chambers and a modular ‘Set Up My Own’ approach you only pay for what you need. 

S.U.M.O Spray Gun Cleaning Machine

The S.U.M.O paint gun cleaner has been designed to give you the flexibility to choose only the modules you need.  Made from a high quality, stainless steel, it has two separate compartments which can be used for either RK aqueous or GC solvent cleaning. The two chambers work independently and so can be configured differently if required.  Choose from automatic cleaning by timer, automatic clear rinse, manual cleaning using flow through brush and fresh rinse jet.

The size of the unit is only 900 by 630 by 1010 W x L x H (with base cabinet).

Quality Cleaning = Quality Spraying

Extended Working Life

This unit provides one of the most effective cleaning processes available on the market today, ensuring your guns are cleaned effectively and helping to extend their working life. The S.U.M.O model will help to bring down repair and replacement costs in the long run, which helps free up money around the shop.

Other Features:

Purchase our S.U.M.O paint gun cleaner and you’ll also get:

Powerful Adjustable Extraction Included

Optional Base Unit - a stainless steel base unit is available as an option. This provides a storage facility for solvent and avoids the need to wall-mount the unit.

Reduction in Consumables – effective cleaning control ensures that your solvent or cleaning fluid is used effectively, leading to immediate and significant savings on cost of solvent or cleaning fluids over time.

SUMO Paint Gun Cleaner Schematic

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