Carry Swing Mobile Car Lift / Vehicle Lift

At Brinklake, we are suppliers of the Carry Swing, a highly versatile portable car lift. Being of high quality, it is considered to be one of the best portable car lifts amongst many trade professionals.

What are the benefits of the Carry Swing?

Carry Swing Tilting Portable Car Lift

When it comes to lifting vehicles, you want to ensure that the vehicle on which you're working is not only secure but also easily accessible.

With the Carry Swing, you don't have to worry about kneeling down, crouching or lying on your cold body shop floor, just raise the lift and tilt the vehicle so you can work at a height which is most convenient for you.

Perfect for wheel and brake jobs, the Carry Swing offers unrivalled accessibility; there are no obstructions, even allowing you to open vehicle doors during operation.

Whether you're working indoors or outside, the Carry Swing is easy to operate, and speeds up the process of vehicle lifting. With the aid of in-built rollers, it's also easily movable and storable.

In short, the Carry Swing will allow you to raise any vehicle of up to 2 tonnes in weight to a working height of 550mm in only 27 seconds. Then tilt the vehicle to-and-fro to give easy access to front or rear and a convenient working height.

Portable Car Lift - Key Features

Brinklake BTEC Carry Swing Portable Car Lift information PDF
  • Lift and tilt up to 2 tonnes
  • Lift up to 3 tonnes axle weight (non-tilt mode)
  • Weighs less than 50 kg
  • Frame – 1.3m x 1.7m x 110mm
  • 2 x platforms – 180mm x 800mm
  • 2 x rubber faced beams included for positioning on each platform, prevent crushing of pipes & brackets
  • Adjustable between 1130mm/1490mm and 1265mm/1625mm (inner/outer platform edge dimensions)
  • Fully EU compliant
  • 2 year guarantee against faulty workmanship
  • High power drill included to raise the lift
  • Comes with a safety lock pin to secure when raised
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Carry Swing Rapid Portable Car Lift

How do you operate the Carry Swing

Two very simple steps to follow when operating this unit:

1. After you've carefully positioned the lift beneath the vehicle on which you're working, use the high power drill to raise the lift.

2. Then, simply locate and secure the locking pin – it's that easy!

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