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Brinklake GC Fluid for Solvent

We know that the effectiveness of a proprietary cleaner will depend on its high solvency (ability to dissolve paint) and low volatility (ability not to evaporate up the extraction ducting). Use of a poor quality solvent may result in 20% of its volume to be extracted. A good cleaner can remove more paint per unit volume than a standard cleaner and will often clean "historic paint" from guns and will protect the paint gun from corrosion.

Most paint guns are made from aluminium or one of its alloys. Aluminium is an amphoteric metal and is susceptible to excessive pH conditions. The paint gun should be protected from such conditions. The better proprietary cleaner will have a buffering additive to ensure the cleaner has a controlled pH of 6.5 – 10. This would protect the paint gun from any corrosive attack; extending its life.

Using a high quality solvent saves time and money. Try our Brinklake GC fluid and see the difference.

Download the MSDS for ready to use GC cleaner (260Kb PDF)

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