Spray Gun Cleaners / Paint Gun Cleaners

At Brinklake we supply commercial spray paint gun cleaners produced by one of the leading manufacturers of spray paint gun cleaning machines and spray gun cleaning equipment - B-TEC.

Spray Gun Cleaners

Whatever your body shop or industrial paint shop needs, our range of spray paint gun cleaning machines will improve the effectiveness of your paint guns, making spray jobs quicker and far more effective. Don't let poorly maintained equipment affect your paint or spray jobs - poorly cleaned spray guns will not only cost you money but in the long run the quality of your jobs will diminish. As dirt gets left behind in the gun air cap, the need for polishing and additional coats is all too common. Cleaner paint guns will ensure the quality of your spraying is that much better, that the job will get done far more quickly and that your gun will have a longer life-span.

Solvent Gun Cleaning Machines

Our spray paint gun cleaners will also help reduce solvent / thinners wastage and improve overall cost-effectiveness. With Brinklake you can be sure of having the best spray paint gun cleaning equipment available on the market. Not only are they effective and efficient but they're also made to last a long time thanks to their high grade stainless steel construction.

Spray Paint Gun Cleaner Key Features

  • Use of the latest pump technology
  • Automatic cleaning by up to 11 cleaning nozzles per washer
  • 100% cleaning of your spray guns
  • Opening the spray / paint guns by a trigger clamp takes place inside the gun washer after the gun sits perfectly on the cleaning nozzle. Solvent or paint behind the air cap is prevented!
  • No disassembling of the air cap required - less mechanical damage on the paint / spray gun and high time savings
  • Bright, stainless steel cleaning chambers
  • No utilization of light absorbing plastic
  • Optimal viewing conditions inside the washer without glass plates or bezels
  • Ergonomic and fast cleaner change due to moveable collection trays.
  • No laborious removing of any frames or anything similar necessary
  • Powerful exhaust air system in all washers
  • Approved by world-wide leading spray gun manufacturers for many years!

Our spray paint gun cleaner range includes:

S.U.M.O Spray Paint Gun Cleaning Machine

SUMO Universal Paint Gun CleanerThe S.U.M.O is a new generation of universal gun cleaner suitable for solvent or water-based paint.

With two separate cleaning chambers and a modular "Set Up My Own" approach you only pay for what you need.

Find out more about the S.U.M.O.

Starter-01 Cleaning Machine

Starter-01 Paint Gun CleanerThe Starter-01 is a basic entry level cleaner suitable for solvent or water-based paint. With multi jets, this cleaning machine is both effective and economical and a perfect size for wall mounting. Choose between the manual or automatic cleaning options.

Find out more about the Starter-01

D-800 and UD-800 Gun Cleaners

D-800 Paint Gun CleanerThe top of the range D-800 is a front opening cabinet mounted paint gun cleaner, perfect for solvent and water-based paint cleaning in two separate cleaning compartments. The D-800 can be used either manually or automatically, where two guns can be cleaned simultaneously. You can also choose the UD-800, which is a more compact unit and ideal for smaller shops.

Find out more about the D-800 and UD-800

K-1200 Paint Gun Cleaner

K-1200 Paint Gun CleanerThe K-1200 heavy duty series features a twin station machine containing two independent cleaning units – one manual and one automatic. It’s an especially robust model with its extra thick stainless steel construction, making it ideal for use in larger industrial applications.

Find out more about the K-1200

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