Spray Shop Storage Systems

Are you looking for robust and practical storage systems for your spray shop? Our range of spray shop drying racks will help with any paint job, no matter how small or large.

For a successful and well-run body shop, it’s essential that the process of painting, drying and storing bonnets, bumpers, and car parts is efficient. This means generating space for car parts to dry, whilst you can carry on with additional workloads.

For the most effective way of ensuring parts are dried and stored appropriately, be sure to look at spray shop drying racks from Brinklake. With a range of multiple storage systems, whatever the size and number of the jobs at hand, we have the right drying rack for you.

Enhance productivity and save yourself space in your body shop, take a look at our storage systems:

MD-02 Storage System

The MD-02 is one of our most popular spray booth drying racks. It’s our smallest and most practical as it boasts a versatile body panel storage unit and can fold flat for easy storage. This means it takes up much less space in your workshop.

There’s even an optional wall bracket if you require the use of wall space instead of floor space.

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Jumbo 01 & 02 Storage Racks

For improved efficiency, why not choose larger paint drying racks?

This storage rack will increase the number of car parts, bonnets and bumpers that can be dried or stored at any given time, allowing you to complete other paint jobs around the shop in the meantime.

Find out more about the Jumbo 01 & 02

Twister Rotary Spraying Table

If you need to spray smaller items then this product is ideal. Avoid tangled hoses by rotating the job and not going round in circles yourself.

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Jimmy-01 & Jimmy-03 Polishing Butlers

Save on the cost of polishing materials and ensure you use every last drop of polish with our polishing butler for auto shops. Both the Jimmy-01 and the Jimmy-03 give you somewhere to store your polishing machine but still lets you have it to hand when you need it.

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