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Car Lifts

Car Lifts

Compliant with all EU standards together with a two year guarantee against faulty workmanship, the Carry Swing Car Lift is an ideal portable solution to your lifting needs around the shop

The Quick Lift is easy to use and are great for wheel or brake jobs as it allowing you to work at a convenient height, negating the backache caused by constantly having to bend down.

The real bonus, however, is the easy tilt feature allowing easy access to bumpers and lights.

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Spray Paint Gun Cleaners

Gun Cleaner

At Brinklake we supply paint gun cleaners produced by one of the leading manufacturers of spray gun cleaning equipment - B-TEC. Whatever your body shop or industrial paint shop needs, our range of cleaners will improve the effectiveness of your paint guns, making spray jobs quicker and far more effective. Don’t let poorly maintained equipment affect your paint or spray jobs, poorly cleaned spray guns will not only cost you money but in the long run the quality of your jobs will diminish. As dirt gets left behind in the gun air cap, the need for polishing and additional coats is all too common. Cleaner paint guns will ensure the quality of your spraying is that much better, that the job will get done far more quickly, and that your gun will have a longer life-span. Our paint gun cleaners will also help reduce solvent/thinners wastage and improve overall cost-effectiveness. With Brinklake you can be sure of having the best paint gun cleaning equipment available on the market. Not only are they effective and efficient but they’re also made to last a long time thanks to their high grade stainless steel construction. Our paint gun cleaner range includes:

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Paint Mixing Tables

Paint Mixing Tables

When it comes to paint mixing, choose these robust and ergonomically designed paint mixing tables from Brinklake. You need the right type of environment in which to prepare, mix, weigh and dilute paints and these sturdy and spacious paint mixing tables provide it. Which one you choose is entirely dependent on your requirements, but whether you need a basic table, a table with extraction or even mobile tables, at Brinklake we can help.

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Paint Dryers

Paint Dryers

When it comes to ensuring your paint jobs are well finished, look no further than the range of short wave infrared drying lamps from Brinklake. Our infrared curing lights make the task of paint drying faster and give better results – it’s high performance drying at an economical cost. Utilising short wave infrared and achieving greater throughput, drying times are much faster.

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Spray Shop Storage Systems

Storage Systems

Are you looking for robust and practical storage systems for your spray shop? Our range of spray shop drying racks will help with any paint job, no matter how small or large.

For a successful and well-run body shop, it’s essential that the process of painting, drying and storing bonnets, bumpers, and car parts is efficient. This means generating space for car parts to dry, whilst you can carry on with additional workloads.

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