K-1200 Spray Paint Gun Cleaner

K-1200 Commercial Paint Gun Cleaner

Our K-1200 paint gun cleaner is a heavy duty twin station machine with a durable extra thickness stainless steel construction.

Designed to give you both effective and economic cleaning solution, the K-1200 has with a footprint of only 1200 by 700 by 1800.

Better Cleaning and Spraying

The K-1200 comes as standard with the air tight closed air flush system from B-TEC, which will help prevent anything from dirt and cleaning fluid to solvent residue from building up behind your paint gun’s air cap.

Ensuring your paint guns are cleaned to the highest standards possible will give you far better spraying results, reducing the time needed for polishing after drying.

Independent Cleaning Units

The K-1200 comes complete with two independent cleaning units, allowing for both automatic and manual cleaning at the same time, helping to improve productivity in the long run. The unit also allows for the cleaning of solvent and/or water-based paint.

K-1200 Automatic Cleaning Commercial Paint Gun Cleaner

Improved Cleaning Times

Fitted as standard with the B-TEC closed air flush system, the K-1200 unit will provide you with a rapid and effective solution to your gun cleaning requirements, without the need to strip the gun to clean behind the air cap.

The K-1200 will ensure your gun is cleaned quickly and automatically, both inside and out, ensuring you get spraying results time after time.

Other Features:

Purchase our K-1200 spray gun cleaning kit and you'll also get:

  • Reduction in Consumables – the K-1200's effective cleaning control system will ensure your solvent is being used effectively, helping you realise significant savings in cost of consumables like cleaning fluid, helping you increase you shop’s profits.
  • German Engineering – designed and manufactured to the highest standard in Germany by B-TEC, who count Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW and Audi networks as their customers, the K-1200 is an effective and economic paint gun cleaning solution.

K1200 Paint Gun Cleaner Key Features

Brinklake K1200 Paint Gun Cleaner information PDF
  • Two seperate gun cleaners in one cabinet
  • Two seperate closed cleaner circuits
  • Shortest cleaning process with excellent results
  • Efficient exhaust air system
  • Automatic and manual cleaning in one cabinet
  • Pressurized air channel system protects spray guns during the automatic cleaning process
  • Ergonomically designed construction allows convenient front operation
  • Modular concept saves space and enables easier handling
  • Containment trays on rollers
  • For solvent or B-TEC-H²O-Cleaners
  • All features fully adjustable
  • Dimensions: (W x L x H) 1200 x 700 x 1800 mm
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