Infrared Paint Drying Lamps

IR-B03 Infrared Paint Dryers

The IR-B03 short-wave infra red paint dryer comprises a three lamp configuration and suitable for larger areas, such as roofs or bonnets. The IR-B03 is also suitable for drying areas such as curved bumpers, where the lamps can be angled for even drying.

The IR-B03 will enable you to deliver quality work without having to put the vehicle into your spray booth, with a space envelope of 890 x 1090 x 1560.

Low Energy Lamps

The IR-B03 is equipped with a selectable 2-stage drying mode, allowing you to dry with either continuous or flashing lamps. The unit’s controls are fully user adjustable with individual lamp switching as standard.

Packed with Features

This unit is equipped with automatic distance control as standard and also includes a digital memory function, which will enable you to store your four most frequently used drying programmes for easy future use. Another unique feature is the unit’s ergonomically designed frame, with the lamp arm being counter-balanced and supported by a gas strut.

Laser Sensor Temperature Control

An optional added feature, the IR-B03-T’s laser sensor temperature control allows for temperatures to be set for sensitive areas, such as plastic body trim or special paint finishes. The unit will automatically switch off the lamps when the set temperature is reached and then re-start once the temperature has dropped slightly.

Furthermore the standard timer setting on the IR-B03 module is also integrated with the lamp switching, ensuring that the selected drying time has elapsed fully in drying mode. This is of particular importance as it means that you can be sure the selected drying time has been used fully to dry the paint, regardless of temperature switching.

Key Features of the IR-B03

Brinklake IR-B03 Triple Infrared Paint Drying Lamps information PDF
  • shortest drying times
  • energy saving 230 V/50 Hz, 3060 Watt
  • very low frame height - only 10cm
  • 10m power cable - high flexibility
  • each emitter individually activatable
  • permanent and automatic distance control by ultrasonic
  • distance control display
  • two-stage drying (Flashlight / Continuous)
  • easy moving due to ergonomic handle bar
  • digital memory function: up to 4 individual drying programmes can be saved
  • drying area: ca. 1000 x 800 mm
  • digital progress indicator: insufficient drying time due to interruptions is prevented
  • frame dimensions: (W x L x H) 890 x 1090 x 1560 mm
  • Option: chassis adapter 360°, protection cover
  • Infrared dryer IR-B03-T includes additional temperature control
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