Solvent Saver

What is a solvent saver valve?

A Solvent Saver valve is a pneumatically operated plate valve that is installed in the paint gun cleaning machine extraction ducting. It is automatically operated so as to be closed during cleaning and only opens after cleaning.

How does it work?

The valve is pneumatically linked to the paint gun cleaning machine so that the extraction ducting is ‘closed’ during the cleaning cycle. This prevents droplet carry over of solvent/cleaning fluid during cleaning. The valve automatically opens when the gun cleaning machine door is opened thus extracting any residual fume from the cleaning cabinet.

Why fit one?

The largest proportion of VOC usage during paint gun cleaning occurs during the cleaning cycle when large amounts of fluid are being sprayed inside the cleaning cabinet and the extraction system is drawing air from the cabinet. The stronger the extraction the more droplets of solvent or cleaning fluid that will be extracted during cleaning thus resulting in heavy fluid consumption.

Automatic operation ensures that when the operator opens the cabinet door at the end of the cleaning cycle the Solvent Saver valve will open allowing the extraction system to pull any residual fume out of the cabinet, thus meeting the requirements of LEV legislation.

The valve will automatically close on initiation of the next cleaning cycle. Keeping the cleaning cabinet isolated from the extraction system during cleaning means that fluid droplets cannot be sucked out of the machine.

Will it fit all machines of just Brinklake machines?

Obviously the Solvent Saver has been optimised to work with our machines but we have fitted this valve to other manufacturer’s machines with equally successful results. The machine to which the valve is fitted must be pneumatically operated and have a connection to the local extraction system.

How soon will it pay for itself?

This varies from case to case but all our customers who have it find they are saving expensive fluid. The Solvent Saver valve means you will generates less waste and enjoy lower VOC charges. Basically when you put a 25-litre drum of clean solvent into your machine you will still have a full drum of dirty solvent to dispose of at the end of its useful working life. We have seen users who previously lost virtually all their solvent into the extraction system and as a result paid for 25-litres of VOC consumption reduce this cost by as much as 50%.

At current solvent costs and in a body shop of average size (say 12 gun cleans per day) you should get the cost back in about six months – after that your savings are just extra profit.

How do I order a Solvent Saver valve?

Contact Us and we'll get your order processed.

You can install the valve yourself or we can quote you for a complete supply, install and commission package.

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