Spray Paint Gun Cleaners

S-800 & R-800 Paint Gun Cleaning Machines

Products for improved productivity and profit within industrial and vehicle paint shops.

S-800 Gun Cleaner

S-800 Paint Gun Cleaner

The S-800 spray paint gun cleaner is designed to provide automatic internal cleaning of tube sets and spray guns for both solvent based and aqueous paints in a self contained cycle.

Compatible with all pump types, the S-800 delivers massive savings on consumption of solvents and cleaning fluids. Its compact design enables it to be used easily and conveniently within your body shop.

The stainless steel construction enables easy cleaning and durability and the user adjustable mobile stand enables the unit to be adapted to a convenient height for each user’s application.

R-800 Cleaning Station

S-800 Paint Gun Cleaner (large)

The R-800 local cleaning station enables easy external cleaning of spray guns with the supply tubes still connected. The R-800 works equally well with high pressure and low pressure spray guns and can be used for cleaning with solvent based or aqueous paints.

An operator adjustable timer enables the optimum cleaning cycle to be selected. The unit incorporates a storage section for re-circulated cleaning fluid.

The compact size of the R-800 provides an ideal parking station for the spray gun whilst simultaneously cleaning it, thus enabling operators to store and clean their gun conveniently during work breaks.

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