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B-TEC RK Aqueous Cleaner

Does the water based paint you use give you special challenges when it comes to cleaning guns? Would you like to be able to use water based paint in your traditional gun cups rather than PPS type cups? Our patented RK cleaning fluid will help you do both.

Pleasant to use and non-hazardous, when diluted with two parts ordinary tap water to one part RK cleaner, you’ll be able to remove even dried on paint from your guns and cups.

Use it over and over again and even recover it with a coagulaton kit, whilst disposal is easy – subject to local regulations.

Specially Developed Cleaner

Brinklake’s RK fluid from B-TEC is the first specially developed solution for effective cleaning of water based paint from paint guns. Use it in any gun cleaner but you’ll get the best results in ours. Because it will clean dried on paint you can use it with a conventional cup or pot system and clean and re-use the cup or pot even with water-based paints – no need for expensive single use disposable or throw-away cups at every stage of re-finishing. Ask us for a copy of a major customer testimonial.

Removes Dry or Fresh Paint

This highly effective cleaner will clean off dried on paint – give new life to guns you thought were beyond cleaning. No scraping or rubbing, especially if you use Brinklake’s highly effective gun cleaners.

10 Litres Fluid = 30 Litres of Cleaner

You dilute every 10 litre pack with 20 litres of tap water to give you a total of 30 litres of cleaning fluid. With the unique Brinklake gun cleaner Fresh-Fluid-Flush system you get doubly effective cleaning. In a typical 8 gun shop you can expect the 30 litres of diluted solution to last you up to three months, especially if you are using our highly efficient gun cleaners.

Non-Combustible, Non-Hazardous and Bio-Degradable

With a pleasant mild odour RK cleaner is completely safe for use in the body shop and with only 14% VOC in 30 litres of diluted cleaner this innovative cleaner has been created with the body shop in mind.

Download the MSDS for concentrate or diluted RK cleaner from our website (70Kb PDF)

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