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We have two amazing special offers for you...

Special offer 1 – valid until end of current stock for this offer

Buy one of our new Super Twister versatile panel stands and get a Jimmy-03 polishing butler for just £35!!


Super Twister comes complete with all the special support components you can see in the picture above left. Makes painting mirrors, bumpers, wheels and even doors easier and faster.

*Normal list price for Super Twister is £495.00 and for Jimmy-03 is £289.00 – YOU SAVE £254!!!

Package price £530.00 plus VAT (includes delivery)*

Paint Shop Panel Stands
Super Twister
Paint Shop Polishing Butler
(does not include items used to show usage)

Special offer 2 – valid until end of current stock for this offer

Buy one our ASSO Tris compressed air heater units.

Save time, save paint, save energy SAVE MONEY.

Ideal for SMART repair... View the video

ASSO Tris control unit - Easy to fix outside the booth - one 13A electrical connection and one air connection.

Operator selects optimum temperature (30°C, 40°C or 50°C) and air is heated in the special supply hose included in the kit. Only 60W power consumption at 30°C. No need to fire booth burners for SMART repair.

Offer A

ASSO Tris compressed air heater unit complete, delivered and ready to self-install at £999.00 plus VAT (normally £1539.00 plus VAT)


Offer B

ASSO Tris unit complete, delivered and installed by us at your site (UK mainland only) at £1250.00 plus VAT (normally £1869.00 plus VAT)


Paint Shop Asso Tris Paintline Heating

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