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Jimmy-01 & Jimmy-03 Polishing Butlers

Paint Shop Polishing Butlers

Save on the cost of polishing materials and ensure you use every last drop of polish with our polishing butler for auto shops. Both the Jimmy-01 and the Jimmy-03 give you somewhere to store your polishing machine but still lets you have it to hand when you need it.

The Jimmy-01 comprises the back-to-back top section of the Jimmy-03 as two separate wall-mountable panels.

The Jimmy-03 also includes hoop for hanging waste bag or bucket and is easily moved on large stable castors, two of which are lockable with a toe operated lever.

So with the versatile Jimmy-03 you can do away with all that walking to-and-fro across the shop and roll your polishing kit to where you are working.

The Jimmy-03 also includes a useful lower open storage compartment and large lockable castors.

Reduced Waste

Both polishing butlers allow you to store all your polish bottles inverted, reducing the need for ‘ketchup shakers arm’ every morning, plus you get to use every last drop of polish.

The magnetic latched lidded compartments enable you to store cloths and sponges where they won’t get dusty, means a longer life and better polishing – thus saving you time and money.

Waste or Water

The circular support on the side of the Jimmy-01 means you can slot in a rubbish bag or bucket of water – a useful addition to any body shop.

Modular Construction

The Jimmy-03 is supplied in self assembly modules.

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