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Our range of Jumbo storage units are designed to help increase the number of car parts, bonnets and bumpers that can be stored at any given time. Preventing clutter around the shop will allow you to complete other paint jobs around the task quickly and more easily, helping to improve productivity and thus profit.

Jumbo-01 Mobile Unit

The Jumbo-01 is designed to hold up to 10 bonnets or 20 bumpers securely and is ideal for helping to keep the shop clutter free whilst working.

The arms of the Jumbo-01 are all foam covered, which will help prevent any scrapes and scratches that might arise during a typical job. Designed as a mobile unit, it can be easily moved around the shop and with two parking brakes, it can be securely positioned within a matter of seconds.

The unit’s footprint is 2,480mm wide, 1,100mm deep, 2,030mm high.

Robust Construction

When it comes to any storage system available from Brinklake, you’ll be buying only the best in terms of quality and construction. With a robust and stable construction, the Jumbo storage rack is perfectly suited to the rigours of any paint shop around.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, buy any our storage rack and you can be assured that you’re get the best available, helping you keep your shop ahead of the competition.

Jumbo-02 Wall Mounted Unit

Spray Shop Storage Systems - Wall Mounted Storage Unit

We also stock a wall mounted option, the Jumbo-02.

With the same sturdy design you’d expect from any Brinklake product, the Jumbo-02 storage unit is designed to hold up to five bonnets or ten bumpers and comes with foam covered arms for protection against scrapes or scratches.

The unit’s footprint is 1,000mm wide, 1,160 mm deep and 1,965mm high.

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