Infrared Paint Drying Lamps

IR-B02 Paint Drying Lamps

If you require more from your paint dryer, then the IR-B02 from Brinklake is the perfect solution. Boasting twin lights, the IR-B02 is ideal for those larger and more demanding paint jobs, and is an excellent addition to any bodyshop.

When it comes to body repairs, the size of the respray job can vary. Sometimes it’s a small part of the bumper or bonnet. Alternatively, it could be a door panel, entire bonnet or the car roof. Either way, much bigger spray jobs require larger lamps, so that drying is far more effective and efficient. In these circumstances, the IR-B02 is ideal.

Efficient & Effective Drying

With twin lamps, the IR-B02 boasts much quicker drying times than single lamp paint dryers. You also have the option to switch between each lamp, or use them both at the same time thanks to an independent switching function. So, if you only need to dry a smaller area, simply use one lamp at a time.

The lamps themselves contain multiple settings with selectable two-stage drying, continuous and flashing. This can be easily controlled and adjusted accordingly. The lamps are also energy saving with a combined wattage of 2040.

Easily Adjustable

With dimensions of 520 x 500 x 1550mm, you’ll be forgiven for thinking this paint dryer is a cumbersome piece of equipment. In actual fact, it’s anything but. Wheel attachments to the frame make this lamp easily movable. The height adjustments enables you to position the lights as low or high as needed, and the light adjustment allows you to accurately direct the lamp to dry the necessary area.

For example, no matter what the curvature of the surface being dried, you can adjust the lamps to dry either vertically, or horizontally. So, when it comes to getting more out of your paint drying lamps, consider the IR-B02 from Brinklake today. It’ll improve drying times, helping you save money along the way.

Key Features of the IR-B02

Brinklake IR-B02 Twin Infrared Paint Drying Lamps information PDF
  • shortest drying times
  • energy saving 230 V/50 Hz, 2040 Watt
  • 10m power cable - high flexibility
  • each emitter individually activatable
  • permanent and automatic distance control by ultrasonic
  • distance control display
  • two-stage drying (Flashlight / Continuous)
  • easy moving due to rollers
  • drying area: ca. 600 x 800 mm
  • frame dimensions: (W x L x H) 700 x 580 x 1550 mm
  • Option: protection cover
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