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Brinklake GC Fluid for Solvent

Let's face it, the bottom line is a paint gun needs to be clean. If a gun is contaminated a painter risks having to start the job all over again. This costs the business time and money.

We want you to get it right first time so Brinklake considered all of the elements of concern to a modern body shop and developed its own gun cleaning solution for use on solvent paint – Brinklake GC Fluid. It is manufactured to an agreed specification to ensure high level performance with the B-TEC machines.

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B-TEC RK Aqueous Cleaner

Does the water based paint you use give you special challenges when it comes to cleaning guns? Would you like to be able to use water based paint in your traditional gun cups rather than PPS type cups? Our patented RK cleaning fluid will help you do both.

Pleasant to use and non-hazardous, when diluted with two parts ordinary tap water to one part RK cleaner, you’ll be able to remove even dried on paint from your guns and cups.

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