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MD-02 Storage Rack

For an incredibly well-made and versatile storage system, look no further than the MD-02 spray rack from Brinklake.

Compact and versatile, the MD-02 is a firm favourite amongst paint shop owners and is far less cumbersome and bulky than other spray booth drying racks.

Whilst the need to store and dry car body parts is essential, sometimes it can come at the expense of vital space in your body shop. With the MD-02 this is not the case.

Space Saving

Being Brinklake’s smallest drying rack, it’s also our most practical. Thanks to the way the panel support section folds flat, it can be easily stored away. This means that when it’s not in use it can be folded up and put away in storage or at the side of your spray shop.

Likewise, when it is not being used, you won’t be losing out on too much floor space, especially if you utilise the optional wall brackets that come with the MD-02.

Movable &Adustable

Thanks to the wheels attached to its frame, the MD-02 can be easily moved, even when in use. This allows you to quickly and easily move the storage rack to where is most appropriate at any given time. What’s more the wheels swivel to ensure even more space saving when the unit is stored.

In addition, the adjustable support panels help you to store car body parts of all shapes and sizes, including bonnets and bumpers.

Robust Construction

One thing is also for sure when it comes to Brinklake’s storage systems, you’ll be buying only the best quality in terms of construction. The MD-02 boasts a robust and stable frame, perfect for the rigours of any paint shop around the world.

Quality is the name of the game; and at Brinklake we ensure you get the best products to keep your spray shop ahead of your competitors.

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