Infrared Paint Drying Lamps

IR-B06 Infrared Paint Curing Lamps

Increase your paint shop throughput and utilise your paint booth far more efficiently with the IR-B06 short-wave infra red paint dryer.

With a six lamp configuration suitable for larger areas like roofs or bonnets, the IR-B06 enables you to deliver quality work without the need to put the vehicle into your spray booth with a space envelope of 1100 x 1250 x 1760.

This model is also available with the option to add a temperature control module, making paint drying a quick safe and efficient operation.

Competitively priced compared to other drying lamps available on the market, the IR-B06 is available with two stage drying – continuous and flashing.

Low Energy Lamps

A six lamp configuration, the IR-B06 is equipped with large energy saving lamps – 6120 watts in total, whilst the unit’s controls are fully user adjustable with individual lamp switching as standard.

Packed with Features

The IR-B06 comes with a digital memory function, allowing you to store up to four operating sequences at any one time – another time saver! It also has an automatic distance sensor and an operating range for 1000 x 1500 m. This unit also comes with a generous 10 meter length of cable, ensuring you can position the unit easily around the shop.

Easy to Use

The unit’s lamps are easily adjustable to the curvature of the surface you intend to dry, both vertically and horizontally. Additionally the IR-B06 is equipped with an easy-to-use ergonomic adjustment handle as well as a digital drying cycle completion indicator, ensuring no mistake are made whilst working.

A version with automatic temperature control is also available – the IR-B06-T.

Key Features of the IR-B06

Brinklake IR-B06 Short Wave Infrared Paint Drying Lamps information PDF
  • shortest drying times
  • energy saving 380 V, 6120 Watt
  • very low frame height - only 10 cm
  • 10m power cable - high flexibility
  • each emitter individually activatable
  • permanent and automatic distance control by ultrasonic
  • distance control display
  • two-stage drying (Flashlight / Continuous)
  • easy moving due to ergonomic handle bar
  • digital memory function: up to 4 individual drying programmes can be saved
  • drying area: ca. 1000 x 1500 mm
  • digital progress indicator: insufficient drying time due to interruptions is prevented
  • frame dimensions: (W x L x H) 1100 x 1250 x1760 mm
  • optional chassis adapter 360°, protection cover
  • infrared dryer IR-B06-T includes additional temperature control
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